Public Announcements


SAME Savannah Sponsored School is Georgia STEM Education Award Finalist

The Technology Association of Georgia has announced that the Isle of Hope K-8 STEAM

School (Savannah, GA) is once again named a top 5 finalist for a 2018 Georgia state STEM

Education Award. Winners will be announced at the yearly STEM Education Awards Assembly

to be held November 2nd at Loudermilk Center in Atlanta, GA.

Isle of Hope K-8 STEAM School has won first place in the Georgia STEM Education Awards in

2014 and 2015 and has also won national championships in the NASA Student Astronaut

Competition in 2017 and 2018.

The Isle of Hope K-8 STEAM program provides courses, clubs, and enrichment opportunities for

all grades to prepare students to compete and succeed in college and career within multiple

STEM/STEAM fields. The focus of STEAM education is the successful integration of the array of

arts forms into engaging STEM curriculum.