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USACE Savannah April 2020 Virtual Meeting: Atkins Video on Modeling Pandemics Using City Simulator

You can access the video by clicking on the following hyperlink:

Stephen Bourne, a Professional Engineer from Atkins, presented a demonstration of a simulation model based on the epidemic that the world is facing. This is a current modeling tool that is being adapted appropriately for the COVID-19 situation. This tool shows the highly detailed growth of an area and the movement of populations as it occurs based on the scenario.

Please contact Margaret Walton if you have any additional questions on this presentation:

Margaret M. Walton, CFM
Senior Planner II, Land Planning
Email: [email protected] 


USACE Savannah Military Programs Brief from 24 February 2020

Please click on the following link to access the overview of the USACE Savannah Military Programs by Tony Cady to the SAME Savannah Post on 24 Feb 2020.



2019 SAME SE Tri-Regional JETS Government Presentations

Below are the links to the briefs presented by NAVFAC and USACE:

NAVFAC Adm. Koorka Brief

SAME Centennial Plan

USACE Charleston

USACE Huntsville

USACE Jacksonville Program Overview

USACE Jacksonville Forecast

USACE Mobile

USACE Savannah

USACE Wilmington


2019 SAME SE Tri-Regional JETS Technical Presentations

Click on the following hyperlinks to access the technical track presentations:

Using Holistic City Simulation to Test Resilience Adaptation

Camp Pendleton Resiliency Presentation

Case for Joint Installation and Community Planning

Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit

Energy and Water Security Assessments

Doing Resiliency Better

How Cybersecurity Affects Design Teams

NIST 800-171

Aging Gracefully: How to Identify, Plan, and Implement Changes to Control Systems

Monitoring Current Infrastructure and Future Assets with Autonomous Mgmt Tech

Building Automation System Vulnerabilities

Leveraging New DoD AT/FP Criteria to Reduce Construction Costs

When the Minimum Elevation Isn't Even the Minimum